Total work of art

Kanavaranta 1 is a unique total work of art by Alvar Aalto. For the first time in its history it will become available to new occupants.

Through his architecture Aalto demonstrated again and again that it is possible to be both momentous and universally human at the same time.
Kanavaranta 1 is a beautiful example of this – lending compelling symbolic capital to the organisation who can call it their home.


Architecture that challenges
traditional ways of thinking and expands
the human horizons

Kanavaranta 1 represents the incredible achievement of creating a large company headquarters that translates into a stimulating  human-scale workspace.

Most recognized for its outside, it’s less known that the inside of the building is what makes this a complete Alvar Aalto experience. Every detail and all the furniture and light fittings have originally been designed by the architect and his team – a wealth of those details still exists.

As anyone who has walked through this building can affirm, Aalto’s signature approach of using natural materials, warm earthy elements and organic shapes have an incredibly balancing and uplifting influence on people.


The layouts contained in this promotional material are preliminary floor plans for illustration purposes only. Changes may be made during the further planning and development. The final design and execution may deviate substantially from the preliminary drawings.

6th floor
Roof terrace & restaurant

Extraordinary views over the whole of Helsinki and the surrounding sea open from the 6th floor terrace, connected to the building’s restaurant.

Using this light-filled indoor and outdoor space will be an enviable daily delight for the people working in Kanavaranta 1.

This floor also contains several private dining rooms, all with their own unique character.

5th floor
Executive facilities, meeting rooms and open plan office

Particular attention to the details and flow of the space has been made in the design of the 5th floor – making it one of the most impressive floors of Kanavaranta 1.

The lounge areas and meeting rooms have rich textures, innovative use of materials and forms, and original bespoke furniture.

The 5th floor also contains contemporary open-plan office space, which connects to the 4th floor office areas via a central staircase.

4th, 3rd & 2nd floor
Open–plan offices

The office floors have been previously updated to suit modern working styles and open-plan layouts. Light tunnels and staircases installed between the floors join the spaces and facilitate collaboration and natural flow of people.

These floors have the potential to be developed even further – skillfully contrasting the spirit of Aalto’s philosophy with the new keeper’s culture and values.

1st Floor
Main lobby, conference center and auditorium

The entrance floor to Kanavaranta 1 has many fine features, including a conference center, open plan office and even auditorium.

This property has also an underground garage with 45 car parking spaces and an area for bicycles.

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Helsinki is a uniquely safe, stable and functional city
in the happiest country in the world

Kanavaranta 1 occupies an impressive seaside location in central Helsinki, observing from its elevated post the daily comings and goings of the city.

The site of the building is geographically an island, called Katajanokka, which roughly translates into a Juniper Cape. Its neighbors include the offices of the president of Finland, the czar era Uspenski Cathedral, the bustling historic market place as well as a busy international harbor.

Photo: Jussi Hellsten Photo: Jussi Hellsten

There are cruisers, cargo ships, yachts, fishing boats as well as the public ferries taking people to the many islands of Helsinki. People here even commute by a rowing boat to work (when the weather allows). The most prestigious hotels, boutiques and restaurants the city can offer are a short stroll away, in every direction.

Finland has been nominated now twice in the row the happiest country in the world. For the practical Finns happiness means that things work well for everyone. Helsinki’s motto “the most functional city in the world” has more emotion to it than what it first sounds like.


Alvar Aalto (1898–1976)

World-renown pioneer of modern architecture, Alvar Aalto was above all a great humanist. The challenge he put to himself was not to create buildings and furniture that had beauty and artistic impact, but to design continuum of spaces from inside to outside that would make people feel better.

For this he drew his inspiration and information from nature: “The very essence of architecture consists of a variety and development reminiscent of natural organic life. This is the only true style in architecture.”

Photo: Paul Hans, The Picture Collections of the Finnish Heritage Agency Photo: Paul Hans, The Picture Collections of the Finnish Heritage Agency
Photo: Rista Eeva SER Photo: Rista Eeva SER

Alvar Aalto designed the modernist building in 1962 as headquarters for a Finnish forestry company and it has been their headquarters until today..

The “sugar-cube” has always attracted interest and attention as a confidently progressive building in the middle of the historical city center. In 2010 the building was protected due to its national heritage value and its exceptional architectural qualities.

Kanavaranta 1 is a prominent testament to the lasting values of Aalto’s design: ingenuity, functionality, humanity and timelessness.

Beauty is the
harmony of function
and form.
— Alvar Aalto


Kanavaranta 1
00160 Helsinki, Finland


Jussi Kivitie
Director, Leasing

+358 50 420 1146

Brochure & floorplans


Download floorplans

Download brochure


Kanavaranta 1
00160 Helsinki, Finland


Jussi Kivitie
Director, Leasing

+358 50 420 1146


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